It all started in Autumn of 2013, when Yenny Iskander, owner of a well-known bakery in Sanur and Lanny Lembong, an experienced manager in the tourist business, together wondered why it is so hard to find excellent quality chocolate made in Indonesia, although this country is one of the world's top cocoa producers. Of course it is possible to buy premium quality chocolate of well-known European brands in Indonesian supermarkets, but not only these products are quite expensive, the long detour of the cocoa from Indonesia via Europe to Indonesia again is also questionable from an ecological point of view.
Why not produce superior chocolate in Indonesia itself, Yenny and Lanny asked themselves. This not only will stimulate the local economy in an eco-friendly way, but will also enable us to sell a premium quality product for an attractive price!
In order to realize their dream Yenny and Lanny attended several local workshops in order to improve their skills. However, their plans took a decisive turn when they invited Jos den Otter, a famous Dutch chocolate confectioner, to advise them with the building of a state of the art production unit, the development of superior chocolate recipes  and the training of the local confectioners. The result was a perfect mix of ingredients and European culinary technology and expertise, resulting in a whole range of superior chocolate products.
The last step in the realization of their dream was to invent a name for their chocolate and to design the brand and the shop annex coffee bar in Sanur. Bali BonBon was born!
come and visit us on the main Bypass in Sanur Bali, number 246C, 200 meters after the petrol station on the left side.
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